As the 2015 Legislative Session progresses, we are monitoring some troubling bills related to:
 - privatization of public schools
- school board elections
- educators' right to contact legislators
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It's Getting Ugly at the Capitol

Posted 1/29/2015

Our kids need your help. Well-funded privatization forces are gaining ground in their efforts to privatize Mississippi's public education system, a move that would hand state tax dollars to unaccountable for-profit, virtual, and private schools. Read more here.

Senate Ed Committee Passes Voucher Bill

Posted 1/27/2015

This morning, the Senate Education Committee passed a voucher bill that, if enacted, would be a big step toward privatizing public education in Mississippi. It could go to the full Senate as early as tomorrow. Read more here.

HB 449 Aims to Silence Educators

Posted 1/23/2015

HB 449, authored by House Education chairman John Moore of Rankin County, would make it a criminal offense for teachers to contact their legislators during the work day (pretty much the only time that legislators are at the Capitol) and for citizens to advocate for an issue they support on any school property. Read more here. For a complete analysis of HB 449, click here

What are Their Plans for Public Education?

Posted 1/20/2015

So many of you have emailed, called, and texted us to express your devotion to Mississippi kids and your outrage with legislators who last week put our children's education in jeopardy, voting to thwart public will with a legislative alternative to the people's school funding amendment.  Many of you report that your legislators are in "justification mode" - quoting from their talking points about the alternative, while swearing to be ardent supporters of public schools and promising great things for this legislative session.  We will be watching their votes and reporting the outcome to you. Votes on key bills will tell us if they've made good on their promises. Read more here about privatization bills and possible changes regarding school funding.

Senate Passes HCR 9 on Vote of 31-21
Posted 1/14/2015
The Senate passed HCR 9, the legislative alternative to Initiative 42, on a 31 to 21* vote this afternoon, over the objections of the people they were elected to serve. You can see how your senator voted here. Click here to read a compilation of interesting tweets from today's Senate debate. Read more here about the vote and what we, the people, can do to ensure adequate funding for our children's education.

House Passes HCR 9 on Vote of 64-57
Posted 1/13/2015
Despite the more than 200,000 Mississippians who signed the petition for Initiative 42, and despite the thousands of you who called, emailed, texted, tweeted, and otherwise asked your legislators to vote NO on any alternative amendment, 64 of them did exactly what you repeatedly asked them not to do. The House passed HCR 9, the legislative alternative to Initiative 42, on a 64 to 57 vote. You can see how your representative voted here.
Please join me in thanking the 57 representatives who stood up for our children and voted against the phony alternative designed to kill the people's school funding amendment. Read more here.

House Committee Passes Legislative Alternative to Initiative 42
Posted 1/12/2015
This afternoon, the House Constitution Committee passed House Concurrent Resolution 9, the alternative amendment that is intended to derail the school funding amendment supported by 200,000 Mississippians. It is expected to come up for a floor vote in the House tomorrow at 10 a.m. Despite an overwhelming outcry from the public for the Legislature to keep its #HandsOff42, House members are under immense internal political pressure to vote for the alternative.

Ask your representative to vote NO on HCR 9, the alternate amendment.  
Capitol Switchboard: 601.359.3770
Share the same message with Speaker Gunn: 601.359.3300
Click here to watch the debate live online at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Taxpayers Deserve Honest Answers
Posted 1/12/2015
At the very least, shouldn't voters expect the folks we elect to shoot straight with us? Unfortunately, many of the talking points the opposition is using to try to derail Initiative 42, the people's school funding amendment, are just plain false. A perfect example is the bogus argument that they are worried about a judge in Hinds County deciding school funding issues . Click here for questions to ask Initiative 42 opponents (and the honest answers you should expect to receive in return).

#HandsOff42 VIRTUAL RALLY was a Tremendous Success
Posted 1/8/2015
Congratulations on a terrific #HandsOff42 Virtual Rally! Your message was delivered loudly and clearly, and that is good news for Mississippi children. Legislators report that they were astounded at the number of people who emailed, called, texted, and posted on social media in support of Initiative 42. You are truly amazing. Now, we have two more favors to ask of you. Click here to read more.

#HandsOff42 VIRTUAL RALLY is Today
Posted 1/7/2015
It's time for the #HandsOff42 VIRTUAL RALLY! Tell politicians to keep their hands off our school funding amendment and to vote NO on any legislative alternative to Initiative 42. Click here for all of the contact information you will need to reach elected officials by phone, email, text message, and social media.

2015 Legislature to Convene Tuesday, January 6
posted 1/5/2014
The 2015 Legislative Session will convene at noon on Tuesday, January 6. As always, we will keep our members in the know about legislation that affects public schools and how their legislators vote on pertinent education bills.  If you would like to receive email updates about your legislators' education votes and have not already signed up, click here to be added to our email list. For additional news updates,  like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

Time to Rally for Adequate School Funding!


Tired of politicians running roughshod over public education? It's time to send them a message and stop their plan to kill the people's Better Schools, Better Jobs funding amendment. Join our

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