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Ed Funding Bill Creates Budget Hole for Local School Districts

Posted 5/18/2016

Politicians boast about providing "level funding" to public schools, but that term is deceiving. Find out why, and see your school district's state funding shortage for 2016-2017 here.

Gov. Bryant Chooses More Corporate Tax Cuts Over MS School Children

Posted 5/13/2016

This afternoon, Governor Bryant chose yet another huge tax break for big business over adequate funding for public schools, mental health, and other vital state services. Despite legislative leaders having just admitted that they passed an unbalanced budget - in violation of our state constitution - and despite being unable to pay the state's bills, requiring deep cuts in critical state services, Bryant stripped millions more from state coffers with the stroke of a pen when he signed SB 2858 late on this Friday afternoon. Read more.

Reeves & Gunn Admit Budget "Error"
Even Less Revenue Anticipated for Coming Budget Year

Posted 5/10/2016

Lt. Governor Reeves and Speaker Gunn announced today that we can anticipate even less revenue for the coming budget year than legislators were led to believe when they voted blindly on budget-slashing appropriations bills and the largest corporate tax cut in state history. Read more.

Elected Officials Warn of Looming Budget Crisis

Posted 5/3/2016

As budget and tax-cut bills await Governor Bryant's signature, a growing, bi-partisan chorus is warning of a looming budget crisis rivaling that seen during the Great Recession. Read more about what caused the crisis and which basic services Mississippians could lose.

See Your School District's Funding for 2016-2017

Posted 4/28/2016

Want to know what corporate tax cuts are costing your school district? See how much your district is getting for the 2016-2017 school year and how much it has been underfunded since 2008. Have you called Governor Bryant about vetoing the tax cut bill? Now is the time - remind him that these are our children and their futures are at stake. Read more.

Your School District's Budget Cut

Posted 4/25/2016

The budget cuts announced by Governor Bryant last week apply to the current year budgets of school districts, which end June 30. See your district's cut. With state services, including public education, on the chopping block, now is not the time for more massive corporate tax breaks. Ask Governor Bryant to veto the Legislature's irresponsible tax cut bill, SB 2858. Read more.

Senate Adjourns; Governor to Cut Budgets Again

Posted 4/20/2016

Today the Senate wrapped up its business for the 2016 Legislative Session. Also today, Governor Bryant announced that more budget cuts and further raiding of the Rainy Day Fund will be necessitated by the drop in state revenue that has been caused largely by the numerous tax breaks handed out to corporate cronies by the Legislature in recent years. Ask Governor Bryant to restore fiscal sanity to our state by vetoing SB 2858. Call his office at 601.359.3150. Read more.

K-12 Budget, Corporate Tax Cuts Pass House and Senate

Posted 4/18/2016

The budget for K-12 public education has been adopted. It level funds the MAEP, leaving it funded for the 2016-2017 school year $172-million below what is required by law. The House and Senate also passed massive corporate tax cuts that will reduce state revenue by $416-million annually, upon full implementation. Read more here.

Deep Cuts to Most Agencies, Still No K-12 Budget

Posted 4/17/2016

Twenty-four hours after being told a K-12 budget had been finalized, we still have no "real" conference report. The same holds true for most of the largest state agencies. Legislators voted today on budgets for agencies that did have conference reports - budgets which include deep cuts that could result in layoffs. While House & Senate members voted on austere budgets that reflect the reality of anemic state revenue, caused by enormous corporate tax breaks handed out in recent years, legislative leaders were down the hall negotiating even more tax breaks for their corporate cronies. Read more here.

Legislators Meet Deadline with "Dummy" Conference Report

Posted 4/16/2015

Legislators met their 8pm deadline tonight by filing a "dummy" conference report on the K-12 budget bill, though earlier in the day the appropriations chairs had announced a budget deal. A dummy bill is a placeholder that has $0.00 in line items instead of true budget numbers. Chairmen Frierson and Clarke reported mid-afternoon that the MAEP would be the only part of the state budget spared cuts. Other areas of the education budget and other state agencies will suffer cuts, due largely to the enormous corporate tax cuts enacted by the Legislature in recent years. Read more.

Help Us Protect School Funding

Posted 4/14/2016

It's crunch time! In the next four days, six legislators will decide - behind closed doors - whether or not to change the law that requires adequate funding for our children's schools. Contact your legislators and tell them to vote NO on any changes to the MAEP that would reduce the amount required to fully fund public schools and NO tax cuts until the bills are paid (public schools fully funded). Read more.

School Funding at Risk, See Senators' Charter School Vote

Posted 4/13/2016

Today the Senate voted 26-24 to send the charter school bill to Governor Bryant without any changes. Students from C, D, and F districts will be able to cross lines to attend a charter school in another district, with funding following the student. See how your senator voted. It's time to focus efforts on HB 458, which could be used to reduce the amount of state money required to fully fund the MAEP. Read more.

Senate Delays Charter Vote, MAEP Shenanigans Feared


The Senate did not take up the charter school bill today, giving public school supporters another day to contact senators about removing the harmful provision regarding C districts. An MAEP bill that has been sent to conference gives legislators an opening to walk back their promise to our children in secret meetings, something that would be an act of bad faith. Read more.

Senate Will Vote Again on Charter School Bill


Senators will get one more chance to send SB 2161 to conference to remove the provision that allows students in C districts to cross district lines to attend charter schools. The bill was held today on a motion to reconsider, allowing another vote on the bill. Removing C districts from the bill will help all students - those in C districts and those in chronically under-performing districts. Read why here.

Senate Concurs on Charter Bill

Posted 4/7/2016

In a narrow vote of 24-21, with seven senators not voting, the Senate today concurred with the House version of SB 2161. The bill allows students in C, D, and F districts to cross lines to attend a charter school in another district. There may be another opportunity for action on this bill; read more here.

Keep Calling on Charter Bill, News from the House

Posted 4/5/2016

SB 2161, which threatens to siphon resources away from C-rated districts, still awaits a vote in the Senate. Today in the House, SB 2858 was passed and will go to conference where proposed tax cuts, and possible funding for roads and bridges, may be negotiated. Read all of today's news here.

Urgent: School Funding at Risk

Posted 4/4/2016

This afternoon, a House committee passed a bill that would reduce state revenue by $134-million next year. If the state has $134-million to give away, then the state has $134-million to increase school funding. Please ask your representative to vote NO on SB 2858. Read more here.

Charter Bill Needs a Change - Please Call

Posted 4/1/2016

Please ask your senator to send SB 2161 to conference, where C-rated districts can be removed from anything having to do with charter schools. Read more here.

House Passes Bill Allowing Students in C Districts to Attend Charters Aross District Lines

Posted 3/30/2016

On a motion from Education Chairman John Moore, the House narrowly voted (58-57) to move SB 2161 forward without amending it to remove the provision allowing students in C districts to cross district lines to attend charter schools. Read more and see how your rep voted here.

Important Update

Posted 3/29/2016

Charter school bills remain on the calendar in both chambers: for reconsideration in the House and for a vote in the Senate. Today, the House passed SB 2158, a bill that provides for the calculation of the MAEP using enrollment rather than average daily attendance. Read more here.

News on Charter, Voucher Bills

Posted 3/28/2016

The House passed expanded charter school legislation today, but there could be an opportunity to change that outcome. The Senate acted on HB 33, which expands vouchers to students who have had an IEP at any time in the previous five years. Read more about today's actions in both chambers here.

House and Senate Adjourn Until Monday

Posted 3/25/2016

The House and Senate have adjourned until Monday afternoon. Please continue to have conversations with your legislators about important education bills. See more here.

Troublesome Ed Bills on Calendar

Posted 3/24/2016

 Please make sure your legislators understand that recent changes to the House and Senate charter school bills reveal a troubling focus on expanding charter schools to districts rated C. Read more about these and other bills here.

Need Calls on Charter Schools

Posted 3/22/2016

Two problematic charter school bills are headed for floor votes. Now is the time to call your representative and your senator about HB 1044 and SB 2161. Read more here.

Important Update on Education Bills

Posted 3/17/2016

The deadline for Senate committees to act on House general bills and for House committees to act on Senate general bills is next Tuesday. See important information about education bills to watch here.

Positive News from the Capitol

Posted 3/16/2016

 More voucher bills died today and the Senate announced that its budget plan includes a $40-million increase to the MAEP. Read more here.

Good News in Mississippi Test Scores

Posted 3/14/2016

School rankings and ratings can sometimes mask extraordinary work. That's the take-away from our deep dive into Mississippi's test data. Read more here.

Senate Passes Massive Tax Cut

Posted 3/10/2016

The full Senate passed SB 2858, a tax cut bill that would reduce state revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars. When fully implemented, the plan would allow 80% of corporations doing business in Mississippi to pay no corporate taxes at all. See how your senator voted and read more here.

School Funding Bill Passed by House

Posted 3/9/2016

The House of Representatives passed the school funding bill today. HB 1643 provides no increase in the MAEP and cuts the overall K-12 education budget by about $7.6-million. An attempt to protect the MAEP and the Schools for the Blind and the Deaf from further budget cuts was made by Rep. Jay Hughes, but the effort was defeated by the House. Also today, the Senate Finance Committee passed a massive tax cut package that would reduce state revenue by nearly $600-million. See more here.

House Appropriations Passes School Funding Bill

Posted 3/8/2016

The school funding bill is headed to the House floor after passage today by the House Appropriations Committee. The bill provides no increase for the MAEP and cuts K-12 education overall by about $7.6-million. Read more here.

School Funding Bill Coming Soon

Posted 3/7/2016

Hundreds of thousands of Mississippians will be watching closely over the next few weeks to see how legislators respond to last November's clarion call regarding the need for adequate school funding. The House Appropriations Committee meets tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.; the deadline for the House floor vote on school funding for 2016-2017 is next Wednesday. Read more here.

Good News for the Weekend

Posted 3/4/2016

HB 47 is dead! Be sure to thank the House members who contributed to the demise of this very bad legislation. Two additional harmful bills (both headed to the Senate) need your attention: HB 458 (MAEP formula changes) and HB 33 (vouchers). Read more here.

Harmful Bills Still on Calendar

Posted 3/3/2016

While many disastrous education bills have died and others will be battled in the next stage of the process, two harmful bills remain on the current calendar (SB 2161 and HB 47). Read more here.

Legislative Update - Some Good News

Posted 3/2/2016

Thanks for your great work! Two bills of concern are held on motions to reconsider, meaning legislators may have another chance to vote on them; please call your representative about HB 47 and your senator about SB 2161. Good news - the "silence educators" bill is dead, as is the bill providing for all school board members to be elected. Read more here.

Need Quick Help From You!

Posted 3/1/2016

Two detrimental bills that passed the House today could be overturned with your help; please contact your representative right away. House Bills 47 and 29 were held on motions to reconsider, which means that they could be brought back to the floor for a re-vote. Click here for more information, including vote reports on these and other bills, and an update on today's House and Senate action.

Contact Legislators About These Bills

Posted 3/1/2016

Both chambers are working quickly through their calendars. Click here to see a list of the bills remaining on House and Senate calendars on which The Parents' Campaign has taken a position.

House and Senate Adjourn for Weekend

Posted 2/26/2016

Thank you to all those who called Speaker Gunn and your representatives to insist that they do the work we elected them to do. The Speaker and key legislators met throughout the day; Speaker Gunn returned to the podium mid-afternoon, announced that progress had been made and adjourned the House for the weekend. The House will return Monday at 2 p.m. to resume taking up bills. Floor action is expected to move quickly next week and harmful bills are on the calendar in the House and Senate. Read more here.

House Not Allowing Debate on Bills

Posted 2/26/2016

This morning, House Speaker Philip Gunn and his leadership team pushed through a measure that allows no questions and answers on bills being presented for a vote. Read more here about the dysfunction in the House of Representatives and the threat it poses to public schools. 

Fed Up With 50th Press Conference Today

Posted 2/24/2016

Fed Up With 50th is holding a press conference on the second floor of the Capitol today at 11:30 a.m. If you can't join them in person, show your support by texting, tweeting, posting on Facebook, and emailing your legislators. On social media, use the hashtag #SupportPublicSchools and add your own personal message.

Good News on Deadline Day

Posted 2/23/2016

The very good news this evening is that most of the voucher bills, including HB 943, are dead. Some troublesome bills remain alive, among them two tax credit scholarship (voucher) bills that are not subject to today's deadline. Read more here.

Stop the Attack on Public Schools

Posted 2/22/2016

Your legislative leadership is trying to pull a fast one on you. Bills that would allow students to cross district lines to attend charter schools or traditional public schools in other districts use a shell game to send your local tax dollars - money that was raised to support your community schools - to schools in other districts, something the constitution prohibits. Read more here.

Voucher Bill Passes House Education Committee

Posted 2/18/2016

The House Education Committee has passed HB 943, a voucher bill that would send your tax dollars to private, for-profit, virtual, and home schools to cover the cost of tuition and other expenses. The bill now goes to the House Appropriations Committee. Read more here.

Charter Schools in A, B, & C Districts, Calls Needed!

Posted 2/17/2016

This afternoon, education committees in the House and Senate passed bills that would bypass local school boards and permit a major charter school expansion statewide: HB 1044 would allow charter schools to locate in A, B, and C districts without local board approval, while SB 2161 would allow charters in C districts without local board approval. Both bills would permit students to cross district lines to attend a charter school anywhere in the state, with local taxes following the student. Read more here.

Big-Dollar Lobbyists Pushing Voucher Bills in Mississippi

posted 2/15/2016

The same out-of-state lobbyists who are peddling bills to funnel your child's Mississippi public school dollars into private academies and for-profit schools just had a set-back in Tennessee. Parents there stood up to the privatizers, and legislators sided with their constituents - just as our democracy is supposed to work. Click here to learn what these lobbyists are pushing in Mississippi how you can stand up to the profiteers who want to cash in on our kids.

Vouchers, Less School Funding, More Bureaucracy Pushed by 2016 Legislature

Posted 2/12/2016

This year, the education legislation being filed is unprecedented in its hostility toward public schools, despite a clear message from voters that they want public education to flourish. Click here to see a sampling of troublesome education bills being proposed and who authored them.

House and Senate Rules Changed, Committees Named

Posted 2/3/2016

Sen. Gray Tollison and Rep. John Moore will once again chair the Senate and House Education committees. Link to full lists of appropriations and education committee members here. Both chambers have adopted the rules by which they will operate for the next four years. The Senate has made some of its education bills available online; no House bills are available to the public yet. Read more here.

Mississippi Has Lost a Great Champion of Public Education

Posted 1/28/2016

We at The Parents' Campaign join all Mississippians in mourning the passing and celebrating the life and legacy of Jack Reed, Sr., among Mississippi's most courageous and visionary leaders, and a true champion of public education. Mr. Reed believed in community, that we should work for the good of everyone, and he lived out that conviction every day. Read our tribute here.

Moms: School Choice Means "Fend for Yourself"

Posted 1/28/2016

Hear Tupelo moms Kate Farrabough and Vonda Burroughs explain that the real message of school choice is you're on your own. Read more here.

Pascagoula Mom: Support All Children, Not Just a Chosen Few

Posted 1/27/2016

"Don't we want ALL of our children to grow up to be productive members of society?" Listen as Pascagoula mom Myya Robinson urges legislators to support all Mississippi students, not just a chosen few. Read more here.

Ridgeland Mom: Vouchers Let Private Schools "Shop" for Students

Posted 1/26/2016

Ridgeland mom Jan Richardson shares how vouchers will allow private schools to "shop" for students with our tax dollars. When it comes to school choice, parents don't get to choose, the private schools do. Read more here.

Vouchers Deny Funding to Public Schools

Posted 1/25/2016

Special services director Wendy Rogers explains how the ESA voucher program hurts the more than 50,000 children with special needs in Mississippi's public schools. Vouchers use public tax dollars to pay tuition at private schools, reducing the money available to fund public schools. Read more here.

Coast Mom: School Choice a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Posted 1/24/2016

School choice may sound good on the surface, but, as this mom warns, it's really "a wolf in sheep's clothing." Hear Robin Boswell of Ocean Springs explain it hereLouisiana's private school "choice" voucher program has had a negative effect, with voucher students losing ground compared to their public school peers. See details and research here.

School Choice Proponents Spreading False Information

Posted 1/22/2016

When the facts are inconvenient, the "school choice" crowd makes up its own. A promotional piece placed on legislators' desks by a private school group pushing tax credit scholarships (vouchers) is filled with false and misleading information. Get the real facts and read more here.

Vouchers Fail Children, Waste Taxpayer Dollars

Posted 1/19/2016

 Nationally, research shows that children receiving vouchers to attend private school perform no better than, and often worse than, their peers in public schools. In 2015, Mississippi's leadership pushed through a voucher bill purportedly for children with special needs, despite overwhelming opposition from constituents. That program is serving 107 children, or .0018 of one percent of our state's children with special needs. Meanwhile, special education services for more than 50,000 children in Mississippi public schools are underfunded by $12-million this year. Read more here.

Ed Report Sends Legislators' Education Votes to Your Facebook News Feed

Posted 1/11/2016

It's here! Ed Report, a new service requested by members of The Parents' Campaign, sends legislators' education votes straight to your Facebook news feed, making it a snap to see and share your lawmakers' votes on important issues like school funding, vouchers, and more. Read about it here.

 2016 Legislative Session Begins

Posted 1/8/2016

Activities in the first week of the 2016 Legislative Session were mostly ceremonial. Though bills have been drafted, they have not yet been posted online for public view. Legislative leaders have staked out their agenda for the session, which includes tax cuts for corporations, revamping the MAEP formula, and school "choice"/privatization. Read more here.

Oh, the Ironies!

Posted 1/4/2016

Back room deals and political maneuvers? Read here about the interests of average Mississippians, and our school children, being pushed aside by legislative leaders.

2016 Legislative Session Starts January 5

Posted 1/3/2016

The Mississippi Legislature will convene at noon on Tuesday, January 5. In the coming days, The Parents' Campaign will unveil a new system that will make it easy for you to see your legislators' votes and share them with your friends. Watch for more information on this new service. Want to receive our emails and stay up to date on public education in Mississippi? Click here for our easy sign-up.


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