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House and Senate Rules Changed, Committees Named

Posted 2/3/2016

Sen. Gray Tollison and Rep. John Moore will once again chair the Senate and House Education committees. Link to full lists of appropriations and education committee members here. Both chambers have adopted the rules by which they will operate for the next four years. The Senate has made some of its education bills available online; no House bills are available to the public yet. Read more here.

Mississippi Has Lost a Great Champion of Public Education

Posted 1/28/2016

We at The Parents' Campaign join all Mississippians in mourning the passing and celebrating the life and legacy of Jack Reed, Sr., among Mississippi's most courageous and visionary leaders, and a true champion of public education. Mr. Reed believed in community, that we should work for the good of everyone, and he lived out that conviction every day. Read our tribute here.

Moms: School Choice Means "Fend for Yourself"

Posted 1/28/2016

Hear Tupelo moms Kate Farrabough and Vonda Burroughs explain that the real message of school choice is you're on your own. Read more here.

Pascagoula Mom: Support All Children, Not Just a Chosen Few

Posted 1/27/2016

"Don't we want ALL of our children to grow up to be productive members of society?" Listen as Pascagoula mom Myya Robinson urges legislators to support all Mississippi students, not just a chosen few. Read more here.

Ridgeland Mom: Vouchers Let Private Schools "Shop" for Students

Posted 1/26/2016

Ridgeland mom Jan Richardson shares how vouchers will allow private schools to "shop" for students with our tax dollars. When it comes to school choice, parents don't get to choose, the private schools do. Read more here.

Vouchers Deny Funding to Public Schools

Posted 1/25/2016

Special services director Wendy Rogers explains how the ESA voucher program hurts the more than 50,000 children with special needs in Mississippi's public schools. Vouchers use public tax dollars to pay tuition at private schools, reducing the money available to fund public schools. Read more here.

Coast Mom: School Choice a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Posted 1/24/2016

School choice may sound good on the surface, but, as this mom warns, it's really "a wolf in sheep's clothing." Hear Robin Boswell of Ocean Springs explain it hereLouisiana's private school "choice" voucher program has had a negative effect, with voucher students losing ground compared to their public school peers. See details and research here.

School Choice Proponents Spreading False Information

Posted 1/22/2016

When the facts are inconvenient, the "school choice" crowd makes up its own. A promotional piece placed on legislators' desks by a private school group pushing tax credit scholarships (vouchers) is filled with false and misleading information. Get the real facts and read more here.

Vouchers Fail Children, Waste Taxpayer Dollars

Posted 1/19/2016

 Nationally, research shows that children receiving vouchers to attend private school perform no better than, and often worse than, their peers in public schools. In 2015, Mississippi's leadership pushed through a voucher bill purportedly for children with special needs, despite overwhelming opposition from constituents. That program is serving 107 children, or .0018 of one percent of our state's children with special needs. Meanwhile, special education services for more than 50,000 children in Mississippi public schools are underfunded by $12-million this year. Read more here.

Ed Report Sends Legislators' Education Votes to Your Facebook News Feed

Posted 1/11/2016

It's here! Ed Report, a new service requested by members of The Parents' Campaign, sends legislators' education votes straight to your Facebook news feed, making it a snap to see and share your lawmakers' votes on important issues like school funding, vouchers, and more. Read about it here.

 2016 Legislative Session Begins

Posted 1/8/2016

Activities in the first week of the 2016 Legislative Session were mostly ceremonial. Though bills have been drafted, they have not yet been posted online for public view. Legislative leaders have staked out their agenda for the session, which includes tax cuts for corporations, revamping the MAEP formula, and school "choice"/privatization. Read more here.

Oh, the Ironies!

Posted 1/4/2016

Back room deals and political maneuvers? Read here about the interests of average Mississippians, and our school children, being pushed aside by legislative leaders.

2016 Legislative Session Starts January 5

Posted 1/3/2016

The Mississippi Legislature will convene at noon on Tuesday, January 5. In the coming days, The Parents' Campaign will unveil a new system that will make it easy for you to see your legislators' votes and share them with your friends. Watch for more information on this new service. Want to receive our emails and stay up to date on public education in Mississippi? Click here for our easy sign-up.


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