Joint Legislative Budget Committee 
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Tate Reeves, Lieutenant Governor, Chair 
Capitol: 601-359-3200 

Philip Gunn, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Vice Chair
Capitol: 601-359-3300
Home: 601-924-8438
Terry W. Brown, President Pro Tempore, Senate
Capitol: 601-359-3209
Home: 662-329-3399
Terry C. Burton, Chair, Senate Energy Committee
Capitol: 601-359-3234
Home: 601-683-7050
Eugene S. Clarke, Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee
Capitol: 601-359-3250
Home: 662-827-5685
Joey Fillingane, Chair, Senate Finance Committee
Capitol: 601-359-3246
Home: 601-271-2070
Dean Kirby, Chair, Public Health and Welfare Committee
Capitol: 601-359-3234
Home: 601-932-1966
Willie Simmons, Chair, Highways and Transportation Committee
Capitol: 601-359-3237
Work: 662-846-7434
Angela Cockerham, Chair, House Energy Committee
Capitol: 601-359-3333
Home: 601-783-4979

Herb Frierson, Chair, House Appropriations Committee
Capitol: 601-359-3340
Home: 601-795-1675 

John L. Moore, Chair, House Education Committee
Capitol: 601-359-3330
Cell: 601-946-5833

Jeffery C. Smith, Chair, House Ways and Means Committee
Capitol: 601-359-3343
Home: 662-327-0407

Greg Snowden, Speaker Pro Tempore, House
Capitol: 601-359-3304
Cell: 601-527-5350 

Preston E. Sullivan, Chair, House Agriculture Committee
Capitol: 601-359-3332
Home: 662-447-5719












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