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Legislative Voting Records

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House/Senate Name District
House Alday, Gene MS_025
House Aldridge, Brian MS_017
House Arnold, William Tracy MS_003
House Bailey, Willie MS_049
House Bain, Nick MS_002
House Baker, Mark MS_074
House Banks, Earle S. MS_067
House Baria, David MS_122
House Barker, Toby MS_102
House Barton, Manly MS_109
House Beckett, Charles Jim MS_023
House Bell, Donnie MS_021
House Bennett, Richard MS_120
House Blackmon, Jr., Edward MS_057
Senate Blount, David MS_029
House Bounds, C. Scott MS_044
House Boyd, Randy P. MS_019
House Broomfield, Billy MS_110
House Brown, Cecil MS_066
House Brown, Chris MS_020
Senate Brown, Terry W. MS_017
Senate Browning, Nickey MS_003
Senate Bryan, Hob MS_007
House Buck, Kelvin MS_005
House Burnett, Clara MS_009
Senate Burton, Terry C. MS_031
House Busby, Charles MS_111
Senate Butler, Albert MS_036
Senate Butler, Kelvin E. MS_038
House Butler Dixon, Deborah MS_063
House Byrd, Larry MS_104
House Calhoun, Credell MS_068
House Campbell Buck, Kimberly MS_072
Senate Carmichael, Videt MS_033
House Carpenter, Lester MS_001
Senate Chassaniol, Lydia Graves MS_014
House Chism, Gary MS_037
House Clark, Bryant W. MS_047
House Clarke, Alyce G. MS_069
Senate Clarke, Eugene S. MS_022
House Cockerham, Angela MS_096
House Coleman, Linda F. MS_029
House Coleman, Mary H. MS_065
Senate Collins, Nancy Adams MS_006
House Crawford, Carolyn MS_121
House Currie, Becky MS_092
Senate Dawkins, Deborah Jeanne MS_048
House DeBar, Dennis MS_105
House DeLano, Scott MS_117
House Denny, Bill MS_064
House Dickson, Reecy L. MS_042
Senate Doty, Sally MS_039
House Eaton, Blaine MS_079
House Ellis, Tyrone MS_038
House Espy, Chuck MS_026
House Eure, Casey MS_116
House Evans, Bob MS_091
House Evans, James MS_070
House Evans, Michael T. MS_043
Senate Fillingane, Joey MS_041
House Flaggs, Jr., George MS_055
Senate Flowers, Merle MS_019
House Formby, Mark MS_108
Senate Frazier, Hillman Terome MS_027
House Frierson, Herb MS_106
Senate Gandy, Phillip A. MS_043
House Gardner, Joe C. MS_011
House Gibbs, David MS_036
House Gipson, Andy MS_077
Senate Gollott, Thomas A. MS_050
House Guice, Jeffrey S. MS_114
House Gunn, Philip MS_056
Senate Hale, Steve MS_010
House Hamilton, Eugene Forrest MS_006
House Haney, Greg MS_118
Senate Harden, Alice MS_028
Senate Harkins, Josh MS_020
House Harrison, Esther MS_041
Senate Hill, Angela Burks MS_040
House Hines, Sr., John W. MS_050
House Holland, D. Stephen MS_016
House Holloway, Gregory MS_076
House Hood, Joey MS_035
Senate Hopson III, W. Briggs MS_023
House Horan, Kevin MS_024
Senate Horhn, John MS_026
House Horne, Steven A. MS_081
House Howell, Bobby B. MS_046
House Huddleston, Mac MS_015
House Huddleston, Robert E. MS_030
Senate Hudson, Billy MS_045
Senate Jackson, Gary MS_015
Senate Jackson, Robert L. MS_011
Senate Jackson II, Sampson MS_032
House Jennings, Wanda MS_007
House Johnson, III, Robert L. MS_094
Senate Jolly, Russell MS_008
Senate Jones, Kenneth Wayne MS_021
Senate Jordan, David MS_024
Senate Kirby, Dean MS_030
House Ladner, Timmy MS_093
House Lamar, John Thomas MS_008
House Lane, Sherra Hillman MS_086
Senate Lee, Perry MS_035
Senate Longwitz, Will MS_025
House Lott, Hank MS_101
House Malone, Bennett MS_045
House Martinson, Rita MS_058
House Massengill, Steve MS_013
Senate Massey, Chris MS_001
House Mayo, Brad MS_012
Senate McDaniel, Chris MS_042
House McGee, Kevin MS_059
House McLeod, Doug MS_107
House Mettetal, Nolan MS_010
House Middleton, America Chuck MS_085
House Miles, Tom MS_075
House Mims, V, Sam C. MS_097
House Moak, Bobby MS_053
House Monsour, Alex MS_054
Senate Montgomery, Haskins MS_034
House Moore, John L. MS_060
Senate Moran, Philip MS_046
House Morgan, Ken MS_100
House Myers, David W. MS_098
House Nelson, Pat MS_040
House Oberhousen, Brad A. MS_073
Senate Parks, Rita MS_004
House Patterson, Randall MS_115
House Perkins, Sr., Willie J. MS_032
House Pigott, Bill MS_099
Senate Polk, John A. MS_044
House Read, John MS_112
House Reynolds, Thomas U. MS_033
House Rogers, Margaret MS_014
House Rogers, Ray MS_061
House Rushing, Randy MS_078
House Scott, Omeria MS_080
House Shirley, William MS_084
House Shows, Bobby MS_089
Senate Simmons, Derrick MS_012
Senate Simmons, Willie MS_013
House Smith, Ferr MS_027
House Smith, Jeffrey C. MS_039
Senate Smith, Tony MS_047
House Snowden, Greg MS_083
Senate Sojourner, Melanie MS_037
House Staples, Gary V. MS_088
House Steverson, Jody MS_004
Senate Stone, Bill MS_002
House Straughter, Rufus MS_051
House Stringer, Johnny W. MS_087
House Sullivan, Preston E. MS_022
House Taylor, Tommy MS_028
House Thomas, Sara R. MS_031
Senate Tindell, Sean J. MS_049
Senate Tollison, Gray MS_009
Senate Turner, Bennie L. MS_016
House Turner, Jerry R. MS_018
House Upshaw, Jessica MS_095
Senate Ward, Giles MS_018
House Warren, Joseph L. MS_090
Senate Watson, Michael MS_051
House Watson, Percy W. MS_103
House Weathersby, Thomas MS_062
House White, Jason MS_048
House Whittington, Linda MS_034
Senate Wiggins, Brice MS_052
Senate Wilemon Jr., J. P. MS_005
House Williams-Barnes, Sonya MS_119
House Woods, Tommy L. MS_052
House Wooten, Adrienne MS_071
House Young, Jr, Charles MS_082
House Zuber III, Henry MS_113

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