Our Successes

Members of The Parents’ Campaign, through their advocacy on behalf of Mississippi children, have been instrumental in winning:

2016 Legislative Session

  • Passage of a bill that provides for all school superintendents to be appointed, rather than elected, beginning January 2019
  • Defeat of broad voucher bills that would have shifted public school dollars to unaccountable private, for-profit, virtual, and home schools
  • Defeat of bills that would have made educators and school board members subject to misdemeanor convictions or fines for lobbying legislators regarding education policy
  • Defeat of charter school proposals that would have allowed
    • Charters to locate in C districts without local board approval
    • Students in A and B districts to cross district lines to attend charter schools

2015 Legislative Session

  • Defeat of corporate tax cuts that would have reduced state revenue and made it even harder to fully fund K-12 education
  • Defeat of a bill that would have revised the "at-risk" student definition in the MAEP formula, thereby reducing the overall state funding requirement for students in poverty
  • $106-million in increased funding for the Mississippi Adequate Education Program
  • Defeat of a bill that would have allowed any student to cross district lines within a county to attend a charter school

2014 Legislative Session

  • Defeat of voucher bills that would have diverted taxpayer dollars from public schools to private schools
  • Passage of a teacher pay raise bill to provide an across-the-board raise of $2,500 over two years

2013 Legislative Session

  • Passage of a charter school bill that focuses charters in low-performing districts and requires a track record of success
  • Passage of two bills providing the first ever state funding for early childhood education
    • $3-million for existing in-center coaching model – Mississippi Building Blocks
    • $3-million for a new matching grant program
  • Passage of legislation designed to raise the quality of teaching in Mississippi schools
    • Raises standards for teacher licensure
    • Provides scholarships for high achieving students to enter teacher education
    • Initiates a pilot program for teacher merit pay

2012 Legislative Session

  • Passage of a bill allowing parents of students in school districts that lose accreditation to request a legal transfer to an accredited district
  • Passage of legislation providing for dual enrollment in high school completion courses and in a community college credential certificate or degree program, a move to improve Mississippi's graduation rate and ensure that more students graduate from high school workplace-ready
  • Defeat of a bill that would have provided state funding for an online preschool system run by pre-determined vendor with a poor track record of performance

2011 Legislative Session

  • Defeat of a Senate strike-all amendment that would have stripped $81-million from the K-12 funding bill
  • Ultimately saved schools $50-million in funding – noted in Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, April 6, 2011
2010 Legislative Session
  • Restoration of $37-million that had been cut from the K-12 budget mid-year, including $34-million for the MAEP and full restoration of funds cut from the National Board Certification Program and the Chickasaw Cession interest payment
  • Improvement in the Senate position on MAEP funding for FY2011 by $27-million
  • Passage of alternate budget with additional $82-million in K12 funding intended to take effect if federal budget relief was forthcoming
  • Protection of the integrity of the school year/instructional days
2009 Legislative Session
  • Full funding of MAEP for FY2010 (reduced in mid-year budget cuts)
  • Second phase of “step” salary increases for teachers with 25 to 35 years of experience
  • Passage of the Children First Act of 2009 – accountability/school reform act
  • Passage of legislation allowing school districts to use existing funds to offer voluntary early childhood education classes in their districts (no additional funding required)
2008 Legislative Session
  • Full funding of MAEP for FY2009 (reduced in mid-year budget cuts)
  • Funding for dyslexia screening in schools
  • Passage of components of the Quality Education Act of 2008
    • Expanded salary increments for teachers with  25 to 35 years of experience (incremental increases ended at 25 years previously)
    • Significant school accountability legislation and technical assistance for struggling schools
    • Legislation supporting teacher mentoring
    • Improved training for school board members
2007 Legislative Session
  • Full funding of MAEP for FY2008