Ready to Tweet?

Setting up a Twitter account is quick and easy. Here's how...


Find the box titled "New to Twitter? Sign up."

Enter your full name and email address, then create a password and click “Sign up for Twitter.”

A confirmation page will appear, where you will be asked to create a username. This is the name that will appear on your Twitter account, by which you will be identified. Click “Sign up.”

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered to set up your Twitter account. Open that email, click on the confirmation button, and your new Twitter account will be ready to go.

Click on the camera icon in the box beside your name on the left side of your Twitter page. This will allow you to upload a photo, logo, or other symbol that will appear beside your username when you tweet.

You’re off to the Twitter races!

Your first task is to find folks you are interested in following. These are the people and organizations whose "tweets" you will see on your Twitter page. Click on the “Search Twitter” box at the top right of your page and enter the name of a person, elected official, or organization you want to follow. A list of search results will appear; click "Follow" on the name you want.

Go back to the search box and enter another name. Some suggestions:

  • Us, of course! (@ParentsCampaign)
  • Friends and family
  • Your church
  • Your school and school district
  • Governor Bryant (@PhilBryantMS)
  • Lt. Governor Reeves (@tatereeves)
  • Speaker Gunn (@PhilipGunnMS)
  • Your Legislators (click here for Senators and here for Representatives who are on Twitter)

Getting followers

Most of the time, the people you follow will also follow you. Your followers will grow over time, but to gain followers, you must first be a follower!


When you see our tweets, please help us get our message out by retweeting them to your followers. What is retweeting? To retweet means just what it implies. You are resending someone else's tweet to all of the people who follow your tweets. So, if we tweet something you want to share with others, simply click on the "retweet" button below our tweet, and it's done. The retweet button looks like this: 

Finding interesting topics and people

Use hashtags to find topics and people you find interesting. A hashtag is a phrase that begins with the “#” sign and is simply a means of organizing social media posts by topic. For instance, some public school supporters in Mississippi use a "#All4PubEd" hashtag when we tweet about public school issues. Try entering #msedu in your search box and you’ll see a page listing tweets from numerous sources, many of which you may be interested in following for education-related news. Also check #msleg (MS Legislature news).

Twitter Symbols

What do those symbols at the bottom of a tweet mean?

Click on  to retweet.  Click on the word bubble to reply (others can see your reply). Click on the "heart" to "like" a tweet.  Click on the envelope to send a direct message.