Call, Text, Email Your Legislators on Rally Day

Posted 3/16/17

Couldn't make it to the education funding rally at the Capitol today? Don't worry, you can still be there in spirit.

Wherever you are right now, pick up your phone and call, text, and email your legislators! Your message:

"I'm concerned about any changes to the education funding law. I want to know what the plan is and I want to have input."

Find legislators' contact information.

Share the same message with Lt. Governor Reeves and Speaker Gunn:

Lt. Governor Reeves  Capitol: 601.359.3200

Speaker Gunn  Capitol: 601.359.3300

Call, text, and email NOW so that your message arrives on rally day. Remember to contact legislators via social media, too. Then, continue to follow up over the next few days. If you were able to come to the rally today, thank you! What a terrific day! Go ahead and call, text, and email your legislators to let them know you were at the rally, and share the same message shown above.

Legislators are going home today for the weekend. Call them at home and text them if you have a cell number. If you catch them in person, be sure to share your message on public school funding AND ask them to vote NO on the voucher bill, HB 1046.

Thanks for all you do for our children! From rallies to calls to emails to in-person visits, your voice makes a difference. And together, we've got this!