What Next Tuesday Means for Your School

Posted 8/21/19

Next Tuesday is a decisive day for public education. That's the day of the Primary Election runoff.

Want a governor who respects teachers? VOTE on AUGUST 27.

Want a governor who believes public schools deserve adequate funding? VOTE on AUGUST 27.

Want a governor who believes state tests and accountability should be fair and reasonable? VOTE on AUGUST 27.

Want a governor who believes that public funds are for PUBLIC schools? VOTE on AUGUST 27.

We cannot afford to sit this one out. We've got to vote on Tuesday - parents, teachers, ALL of us who support public schools.

You are eligible to vote in the Republican Primary runoff if you:
• did not vote at all on August 6
• voted in the Republican Primary on August 6

If you voted in the Democratic Primary on August 6, you should vote in the Democratic Primary runoff on Tuesday.

If you can't make it to the polls on Tuesday, be sure to vote absentee in your Circuit Clerk's office by noon on Saturday.

Please do something to help each day this week. Call your friends. Text your family. Post on social media.

Help us spread the word that Mississippi children deserve better than what they've gotten for the past 8 years. It's time to elect state leaders who share our values, who are committed to our public schools. We need for every single public education voter to turn out for our kids and teachers next Tuesday.